When you are going to rent a boat to sail, it is logical to have questions, and more so if it is your first time. Therefore, on this website we collect some frequently asked questions to try to resolve any type of doubt you may have.
If even so, there is something you want to clarify, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you.
  • Do I have to sign the contract before sailing?
    Yes. The rental contract must be signed before the boat departure. At all times you will have a person from the team available for any questions.

    Is the boat blocked once I have made the reservation?
    You will be confirmed by a call or e-mail.

    Are the boat extras mandatory?
    Yes, they are mandatory when the owner considers them to be.

    What documentation do I need?
    To reserve we will need your name, telephone and e-mail. Then you will be asked for the identification of the crew and the navigation title (if the boat is without a skipper) by the owner of the boat.

    Can I cancel my reservation?
    Yes, within 24 hours after payment. After this period, returns, refunds, or modifications of reservations are not allowed.

    Can I contact you with any questions or issues?
    Yes. We will be happy to help you.

    Are the boats rented for a single day?
    There are different options: one day, several days, week, month... it depends on the offer and availability of the boat owner at the time.

    If there is bad weather, do you cancel and return the money or change the day?
    Each owner offers their own conditions, it is usual to change the date for another in which the client and owner agree.
    Bad weather is considered from wind force 7 (that is, between 28 and 33 knots of wind, since recreational navigation is not recommended)

    ​​Can the bail be reduced?
    It is not recommended, but each owner is the one who decides the established deposit at the time of rental and if the amount can be reduced.

    Do I have to sign or present any documentation before sailing?
    Yes. It is mandatory to be able to go out and enjoy the boat.

    How long does it take to confirm the reservation?
    It depends on the payment method. When the payment is made through bank transfer, the confirmation could take between 3-4 days after the payment, which can be done up to 48 hours later.
    By card, the confirmation of the reservation usually takes less, about 24 hours.

    What documents should I bring before boarding?
    ID card or passport. If the reservation is without a skipper, a copy of the navigation license will be requested, as well as the navigation form with the crew information.

    Is it necessary to carry the navigation title during the charter?

    Can I request an invoice?
    Yes. The invoice must be requested from the owner of the boat.

    What is necessary to reserve?
    100% of the amount of the reservation. 

  • Reservation of a boat?

    We send you the detailed budget for the boat rental, where you can see the data to make the transfer, or if you prefer, you can pay the amount of the reservation by credit card.

    Is the whole boat paid in the reservation?

    Yes. It is necessary to pay 100% of the amount, unless the owner of the boat has a different payment policy.

    Does the client pay any commission?


    Are card payments through Navega en Barco safe?

    We work with the safest means of payment. The payment process is carried out through RedSys, guaranteeing the security of the transactions. At no time is there access to the customer's card data. All communications are secured by an SSL/TLS certificate, preventing them from being read or intercepted.

    Do I have to pay for extras?

    The extras are paid at the time of boarding. The payment of the extras will be made directly to the owner of the boat. 

    How can I pay for my reservation?

    By transfer or bank card. In the event that you decide to pay by card; We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. Company cards or any other means of payment are not accepted.

  • Are the boats rented with or without skipper?

    We offer boats where both the skipper service is included, as well as others without a skipper in which you can sail showing your license.

    Are all boats available?

    The availability must be confirmed by the owner of the boat.

    Are the photos of the boats real?

    We insist to the owners that the photos of their cards are real and that they photograph the registration of the boat. 

    Do you offer route recommendations?

    Yes. All shipowners will recommend where to navigate and which areas are the best at all times.

    How do I calculate the fuel cost?

    Depending on the type of boat and the scheduled itinerary, our team or owner can give you an estimated consumption.

    In the Balearic Islands, can you navigate between islands?

    Yes, if your idea is to rent a boat for several days or 1 or 2 weeks. Many more experienced users do it frequently to enjoy long days of browsing.

    Where does the skipper of the ship sleep?

    In one of the boat's cabins, his rest is important.

    How many people can go on the same boat?

    The maximum capacity is always indicated in the profile of each boat.

  • Should I take out travel insurance?


    Why is a bond necessary?

    The boat has a deposit of €500, in case of damaging any part of the boat, the client only responds maximum with the €500 deposited, as it is an all risk with franchise.