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Rent Boats in Menorca

281 boats for rent

A boat offers the option of discovering beaches and coves from another point of view from a rental boat, bathing away from crowded areas, snorkeling in the most incredible and inaccessible places...
Our Boat rental in Menorca will allow you to discover its beautiful coves from another point of view.
The prices for renting a boat in Menorca vary depending on the size, but it is worth being able to enjoy an experience at sea with several people, since it is a real pleasure to enjoy the freedom provided by having your own rental boat on vacation.

Sailing with Navega en Barco (NEB) in the Mediterranean

If you do not have a boat license or you do not have knowledge of the sea, at Navega en Barco we offer you to rent a boat with skipper or without skipper for 1 day, 1 week or up to 30 days. In a one-week boat rental with a captain, it will be useful for you. as a local guide to discover all the secrets hidden in the Mediterranean Sea of the Balearic Islands. You will be able to have your boat vacations in a safer way with an expert captain in nautical charter.

Boat rental in the Balearic Islands

A boat rental in the Balearic Islands renting a boat in Menorca or Mallorca or Ibiza or Formentera to discover the Balearic Islands, is an ideal boat rental to spend a dream vacation on board a rental boat.

The Balearic Islands is a destination to spend a holiday by boat. You can choose between renting a ship, renting a boat, renting a sailboat or < strong>rent a catamaran. Navega en Barco has more than 1,000 professional boats in the Balearic Islands at the best prices. Rent a boat with skipper or without skipper and discovermenorca by boat or mallorca on a sailboat or ibiza and formentera by catamaran.

Renting a boat in the Balearic Islands is a journey through the Mediterranean Sea. Islands that will leave you enchanted and with their clear and clean waters where you will find a lot of activities to practice in your boat rental on vacation.

Enjoy the boat sailing around the islands of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera with their coasts and coves. The Balearic Islands are an ideal destination for your holidays.

The best season for sailing is from May to October, although in the Balearic Islands you can rent at any time of the year and benefit from lower prices in the >boat rental in low season.

The Balearic Islands are very popular in the Mediterranean, especially in the months of May to September, which is when the islands enjoy a magnificent temperature and sun to be able to enjoy the wildest coves and beaches of the Balearic Islands.

Menorca: The 10 coves that will seduce you

Menorca is an island of contrasts, when you visit the northern coves it seems that you have changed the island compared to the southern coves where everything is clear, soft and harmonious. The northern coastline is more vertical with rocks that jut out into the sea and small islets. There are a variety of virgin coves that you should know. From Cala Tortuga in Mahón to Algairens in Ciutadella. Do you want to rent a boat in Menorca?

These are the 10 coves that will seduce you

1.-Cala Tortuga It receives this name because of the turtles that are in the Morella lagoon that is behind the beach. It is of light sand, sea of an intense blue color and shallow, ideal if you go with children. But keep in mind that there is a journey of approximately 40 minutes walking, so try not to go in the hours warmer and take water for the road.

2.-Cavalleria in Es Mercadal. This beautiful cove is surrounded by a reddish landscape, clay soils and rocks that mix with the transparent blue of the sea. From the top of the stairs that go down to the beach, the landscape is incredible. It covers a good portion of the north coast.

3.-Cala Pregonda also in the municipality of Es Mercadal, it is one of the most beautiful coves we have seen. Its dark golden sand, its transparent waters and the rocks that emerge in the middle of the sea with whimsical shapes inspired the covers of two albums by Mike Olfield.

4.-Cala Pilar between Ferreries and Ciutadella, difficult to access and incredibly beautiful with its reddish, gold and green tones. Before coming we made sure that the north wind was not blowing because this cove is very exposed to this wind from North.

5.-Playa de Algairens in Ciudadella. These wonderful virgin coves , des Tancats and des Bot, are known in Menorca by the name of La Vall. Access is easy because there is a car park about 500 meters from the beach. The first beach that became well known for being the scene of part of the advertisement that Estrella Damm made in 2010.

6.-Cala Macarella Close to Ciutadella, surrounded by vegetation and white cliffs with some prehistoric caves. We arrived at a public car park and from there we walked about 10 minutes to the beach. María went ahead of her and invited us to hurry to see, according to her, 'the most beautiful place in the world'.

7.-Cala Turqueta It has the bluest waters we've ever seen. Bright turquoise. A small beach of clear, clean sand between cliffs from which vegetation sprouts, culminating in the symphony of colors in this landscape. It looks like a painting. The sea attracts us, especially since we have walked 10 minutes from the car park and today is a splendid day. Bluer waters than we have ever seen. Bright turquoise. We had a very fun afternoon.

8.-Cala Mitjana Very close to Ferreries, with a nearby car park and a small forest that offers captivating shade. The soft, fine, light-colored sand entangles our feet. Here we have found a couple of groups of people snorkeling. Many fish are seen in the sea, especially near the rocks. And this beach also has a surprise!: its sister Cala Mitjaneta, to the west, a cove that looks like a toy. Beautifull! .

9.- Binigaus it was the first stop. We walked along the long, narrow beach, swam to a rock that rises out of the sea not far from the shore and rested for a while before taking the Camí de Cavalls to head through the green countryside full of yellow flowers, and stone walls, to a small and isolated cove.

10.-Cala Escorxada no one was there, all to ourselves. We imagine that we are lost on a desert island and what we would do to ask for help and help us get out of there. But no one wanted them to find us! We would have stayed to live there, in the middle of nature and with a sea so transparent that, although the water covered us up to our necks, we could see our toes very clearly.

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