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We have a large number of boats where you can choose the one that most catches your attention. Making the reservation online is easy and safe, it is time to enjoy Mallorca with total freedom. Rent a boat in Mallorca and explore each of the coves and beaches of this spectacular island, an unforgettable vacation that you have to experience together with your loved ones. A different and unforgettable way to enjoy a trip by sea, fall in love with the island while you explore its nooks and crannies and its most lost and unique places. Rent a boat in Mallorca for a memorable vacation.

Sailing with Navega en Barco (NEB) in the Mediterranean

If you do not have a boat license or you do not have knowledge of the sea, at Navega en Barco we offer you to rent a boat with skipper or without skipper for 1 day, 1 week or up to 30 days. In  a boat rental for a week with a captain will serve you well. as a local guide to discover all the secrets hidden in the Mediterranean Sea of the Balearic Islands. You will be able to have your boat vacations in a safer way with an expert captain in nautical charter.

Boat rental in the Balearic Islands

A boat rental in the Balearic Islands renting a boat in Menorca or Mallorca or Ibiza or Formentera to discover the Balearic Islands, is an ideal boat rental to spend a dream vacation on board a rental boat.

The Balearic Islands is a destination to spend a holiday by boat. You can choose between renting a boat, renting a boat, renting a sailboat or < strong>rent a catamaran. Navega en Barco has more than 1.000 professional boats in the Balearic Islands at the best prices. Rent a boat with skipper or without skipper and discovermenorca by boat or mallorca on a sailboat or ibiza and formentera by catamaran.

Renting a boat in the Balearic Islands is a journey through the Mediterranean Sea. Islands that will leave you enchanted and with their clear and clean waters where you will find a lot of activities to practice in your boat rental on vacation.

Enjoy the boat sailing around the islands of Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera with their coasts and coves. The Balearic Islands are an ideal destination for your holidays.

The best season for sailing is from May to October, although in the Balearic Islands you can rent at any time of the year and benefit from lower prices in the boat rental in low season.

The Balearic Islands are very popular in the Mediterranean, especially in the months of May to September, which is when the islands enjoy magnificent temperatures and sun to enjoy the wildest coves and beaches of the Balearic Islands. If you rent a boat you can reach the most inaccessible and protected corners of tourists.

Mallorca: The 10 coves that will seduce you...be sure to visit them on your rental boat in Mallorca

Why travel to the Caribbean if you can discover the coves of Mallorca! There the finest white sand awaits you where the blue of the water has dreamlike tones with a beautiful natural environment that characterizes an island whose tradition and culture together with its gastronomy authenticates the Mediterranean.

Choosing the 10 best coves in Mallorca is not an easy task, but we have the most expert shipowners in Mallorca who have spent a lifetime sailing and living on this Balearic island. Here are the most desired coves in Mallorca where you can visit them on a boat.

1.- Cala s'Almunia is located in the town of Santanyí; and is a neighbor of the previous one, but much quieter: how can you not include it in this list of the best coves in Mallorca? One of the favorite spots on the island for its endearing beauty and the relative peace that emanates from it. To access the water, you can only do it from the entrance of the small fishermen's houses that are located there. meet or jumping from a rock. Also, if you like jumping into the void, you can't stop doing it from its natural arc. Ideal for snorkeling, its turquoise and totally crystalline waters will not leave you indifferent.

2.-Caló; des Moro well it looks like a pool nestled between two large rocks. Perfect in June and September, although crowded in the height of summer, its 30 meters wide in July and August does not fit a pin. This beautiful corner of white sand and transparent waters is a unique landscape that you should not miss on your visit to the island. The reason? It is one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca

3.- Cala Mondragó; Both the Mondragó cove; like its neighbors Sa Amador and Es Borguit are in the middle of a Nature Reserve. Surrounded by rocks and pine trees, this cove is one of the favorites of both tourists and locals, due, in addition, to its easy access. Despite this, you can enjoy it without having the feeling that it is overcrowded.

4.- Playa d'es Trenc Located in the municipality of Campos, in addition to being proclaimed one of the 10 best beaches in Spain, Playa d'es Trenc has the privilege of being the last sandbank of large dimensions of the island that has not yet been urbanized. You will enjoy walking along its 3 kilometers of white sand, which make it one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca .

5.- Cala es Caragol one of the best beaches of Mallorca. Plant your towel on its fine white sand and enjoy this virgin beach that is 500 meters long and barely 60 meters wide. You will fall madly in love with this solitary enclave and you will immediately understand why. It is among the 10 most beautiful coves in Mallorca.

6.- Playa de Formentor occupies a kilometer and a half of fine white sand. The sea is very shallow even half a kilometer from the shore making it ideal for novice swimmers. Its calm waters are so transparent that, if you like snorkeling, you will enjoy it like a child.

7.- Sa Calobra Located in the heart of Sierra de la Tramontana, Sa Calobra is one of the most magical coves in Mallorca, as it is nestled between two cliffs of 200 meters that make it a unique place. I recommend you wear good shoes, since this beach is not sandy but small stones that will hurt your feet if you decide to go to the shore barefoot. As soon as you get to it, you will discover all those reasons why it is, without a doubt, one of the most requested beaches in Mallorca.

8.- Cala Mitjana with white sand and clear turquoise water, visiting this small beach, located in the province of Felanitx, is a true luxury. It is surrounded by rocks and vegetation on one side, and a beautiful garden with perfectly cut grass on the other. Due to the difficult access and the lack of signage, you will have the privilege of sharing this small corner with few visitors and the occasional yacht.

9.- Calas Varques For years, 'hippies' from all over the world have come to spend the summer on this hidden beach with no easy access. Cala Varques can boast of having the largest network of caves in Europe. Its one hundred meters of fine white sand will delight anyone willing to discover it, and they will see why it is so beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful coves in Mallorca.

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